Providing simple but powerful solutions for working with big tables.

Radically simplifying mass customization by enabling use of large variant tables.

We have set ourselves the goal to empower tables as a central mechanism for modeling and managing configurable/customizable products.

We offer products and services that may accelerate your legacy configurator solution as well as powerful tools for maintaining large variant tables with fast interaction.

We currently offer our services in customer projects together with partners. Starting 2019 we will also offer products directly.

Dr. rer. nat. Albert Haag

Our chief architect and founder of the company has over 30 years of experience in product configuration and was one of the core architects of the configuration engines for the SAP VC and SAP IPC.

We share his passion about the potential of our technology to greatly empower tables in businesses. We are continuously engaged actively in R&D together with academic partners.



We are expanding. Please contact us if you believe in our vision and you have either a business or a technical background.