Radically simplifying mass customization and product configuration

Simple solutions for working with big tables
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Our goal is to empower tables as a central mechanism for modeling and managing configurable products.


PMH Team

About Us

At PMH our goal is to radically simplify the management of product variants in mass customization and product configuration by empowering the use of tables. Tables are generally easy to understand, are well supported by databases and spreadsheets, require no special training, and are easy to integrate into your business. However, tables don’t scale. As product variability increases, this causes an exponential growth in the number of variants to be considered.

Our products and services are based on technology that allows tables to scale: you can maintain zillions of variants in a single table or in multiple tables which are considered to be joined.

PMH is actively engaged in R&D and we have several published papers and have patented some of our technology.

What's in It for You?

Performance gains without risk! We can compress your existing tables to a format already supported by configurators such as the SAP Variant Configurators, resulting in noticeable performance gains without modifying anything else. We enable you to work with compressed tables “as if uncompressed”.

We believe our technology will enable your business to do more and reach new heights.

The Team

Albert Haag, our chief architect and founder of the company has over 30 years of experience in product configuration and was one of the core architects of the configuration engines for the SAP VC and SAP IPC.

Laura Haag, our product manager, is working on a PhD and also supports Albert in R&D.

Ben Dickson is an experienced IT specialist responsible for our web development.


Keep your product models simple by using tables.

We enable you to work with tables of any size, even giant tables containing zillions of variant combinations. We offer a table compression service and a simple and intuitive way to browse, filter and interact with condensed tables going way beyond what an ordinary spreadsheet does.

Table compression
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  • PMH web portal
  • Table compression at any time
Evaluation project
  • Use of PMH portal and App
PMH SAP Interface
  • Upload/Download your tables to SAP in compressed or uncompressed form
  • SAP JCo-based
  • Customer project
PMH Excel interface
  • Edit your tables in Excel, view in PMH App
  • Bundled with other options
  • Individual compression analysis
  • Project solutions


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